BT Daley Painting Pty. Ltd. is a wholly, locally (Alice Springs) owned business providing painting and maintenance services for government contracts, local businesses and private building owners.

By offering customers a value added service, BT Daley painting Pty. Ltd. continues to grow and expand into areas that give the service an edge. BT Daley Painting Pty. Ltd. currently offers an advisory service to customers seeking the expert advice to plan and execute well considered options for painting and maintenance.

Currently the services offered extend to;

  • Building maintenance
  • All types of painting
  • Advice on type and systems for appropriate use
  • Expertise in specific requirements for hospitals, custodial and schools
  • Materials and quality control
  • Quoting and quantity survey
  • Wall paper and special finishes
  • Gyprock repairs and replacement
  • All finishing and paint services required by project managers and building owners

BT Daley Painting Pty. Ltd. is committed to the long-term employment of its full time employees.

A 350square metre storage and operations facility is fully owned by the business. This significant commitment to Alice Springs supports the business and provides a central location for the business to operate from in Alice Springs. From this location, the services of BT Daley painting Pty. Ltd. are able to be delivered not only within the town limits but to the remote communities in central Australia, some of which are 650 kilometres away. A small fleet of vehicles and a vast array of access and painting tools and equipment support the business. The vehicle fleet consists of 4 utes, 1 flat bed tray truck, the director’s vehicle and 3 X heavy duty box trailers.

BT Daley painting Pty. Ltd. is an accredited Green Painter and relies on the use of low VOC paint systems. The Envirowash system is utilised to limit the impact on the environment when washing up.

BT Daley painting Pty. Ltd. continues to operate effectively in a highly competitive business environment. Attention to detail, attention to service and attention to our employees is the foundation of our success.


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